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NOW LIVE - SiteScope Online Expert Day, Nov. 1st!

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NOW LIVE - SiteScope Online Expert Day, Nov. 1st!

Hello Everyone,


Online Expert Day is now live in the SiteScope Support Customer Forum!  We have a number of HP Experts online in the forums ready to answer your questions on:


BSM-SiteScope Metrics Integration


SiteScope is one of the most important data collectors in the BSM World.  The integration based on metrics will let users save and organize all the data collected inside of the BSM DB structure and manipulate the data under all the BSM features like Views, Reports, SLA and Alerts.


This integration is the main component between SiteScope and BSM.  Anyone interested in expanding SiteScope capacity in the BSM world should attend.


Have questions regarding one of these topics?  Customers will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding this topic to our product team Experts


HP Experts will be online for 9 hours in this forum and will do their best to answer your questions. They may need to get some more information from you so please check the box "email me when someone replies."  An online conversation will be born!


To participate you do need access to the SiteScope Support Customer Forum


If you don’t have access please add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile and log in again. 


If you have a valid support contract and are still experiencing issues, please send an email to


For more information on our Support Customer Forums and how to add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile, please click here .


We look forward to your attendance and your questions!

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