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NNMi-RTSM Integration for Network Devices

NNMi-RTSM Integration for Network Devices

Hi Experts,


I have few doubts on NNMi Integration , In my scenario  am using:


a) UCMDB  as CMS

b) OMi - Operation bridge ( all the event correlations will be running)

c) OMW  for the infrastructure monitoring

d) NNMi For Network monitoring


Am using using UCMDB for the discovery of the hosts and applications , NNMi has discovered all the network CI and I have integrated NNMI with RTSM where it has populated all the Network CI.

Now My question is how I will get the Host-Network CI relation ship in the RTSM for my TBEC rules.


Do I need to do the layer 2 discovery at the UCMDB Level also to get this relationship ?


And I was wondering NNMi-RTSM Integration  has populated the Network devices as nodes , when I will populate this data in CMS , will it be same as nodes or It will be routers and switches in CMS?




Dmitry Shevchenko
HPE Expert

Re: NNMi-RTSM Integration for Network Devices

Don't you have Layer2 info in NNMi? You should, and if so it gets synced to RTSM along with network devices themselves.


What is a Node in RTSM will remain the Node in UCMDB. The topology sync on its own doesn't change CI type. Node can become router or switch or whatever if there is such router/switch CI in UCMDB and reconciliation process decides that such CIs should be merged.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event