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Monitors in ERROR in System Health

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Monitors in ERROR in System Health

Hi All,

We are monitoring BSM 9.22(On linux platform) using System Health, its a new setup. I noticed that DB statistics for BSM_EVENT and BSM_MANAGEMENT shows in "ERROR".
And for one of the DPS server, under dbServicesLogicalGroup, PM> Oversized Partitions shows in ERROR.

Could anyone tell me the reason for this and how this can be rectified.

Thanks !

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Re: Monitors in ERROR in System Health



DB statistics errors : Ask your database administrator to launch statistics on your database server. The frequency of launching statistics depends on the volume of writes in your database.


PM>Oversized Partitions : It means you need to increase some EPM values in BSM in order to create partitions more often in order to have smallest partitions (improve peformance) in your database. In the Oversized Partition monitor, you should see the names of the concerned samples to treat. See and don't take into account the part about, I think there are nothing to modify if you have kept the default values. It's not indicated in the procedure but when you have raised the concerned EPM values, you need to wait several days (until one week for example) to see some changes because it depends also of the purging frequency. And just for information, I have already done this task and the first time, you need one or two hours to understand what to be done and to do it.




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event