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Monitor sendmail/postfix mailq

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Monitor sendmail/postfix mailq

Hi, I'm trying to setup monitoring of the mailq on some linux boxes via Sitescope.
As the local sitescope scripts.remote I'm using this which will produce a the number of emails currently in the queue (mostly it will be number 0):

sudo /usr/bin/mailq | tail -n1 | cut -d " " -f 3

On the script monitor I use the following "Match Expression":


But no matter what expressions I use I always get "n/a" as output value.

The command in the script works fine on the boxes with the monitoring user account and the status value of the monitor is 0 (ok)

Any idéas?

Thank you
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Re: Monitor sendmail/postfix mailq

Solved it, I used /(.*)/ as the Match Expression