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Hi Experts,


               We have BAC  7.03 and MSSQL Database installed on the same server .But now due to the server performance issue we want to migrate the BAC or MSSQL Server and we do not want the loss of any current data and configuration.



Can u suggest which option is more feasible i.e. migrating BAC Server and connecting to existing database or migrating Database server ?





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Re: Migration

from what i understand in your case i would keep the BSM/BAC installation on the same machine and move the DB to a new server.

once this is done you can simply use the database connection wizard to connect to the new DB server. this seems to be the best way to approach this.

also remember that the recommended deployment for BAC and BSM is to run a separate Gateway and Data Processing Server. this might be the right point in time to do so.



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Re: Migration

few factors on which i suggest,

1) what is configuration of second box you are getting & what is configuration of current box which you are already using.

2) Risk free migration possible if you migrate your db server to other box. (take latest backup before migration) . After migration connect your db with BAC.

Riya Roy

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Re: Migration

The performance what you want to achieve depends on several factors


1. Configuration of existing and new machine

2. The existing set up really takes toll on the server if more products are integrated for events/metrics

3. If you are planning to move to BSM, do go with distributed installation as it helps in scaling BSM set up (your current set up is not scalable as BAC and SQL are on single server)

4. What I would also suggest is the vesion of BAC/BSM should go with SQL versions hand in hand if you want to get the best out of BSM.

5. If there is a budget issue, only way is to move the DB to new one and connect BAC to new DB and increase the RAM on both machines. But I believe, time has come for make over so better upgrade to BSM.



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Re: Migration

Please search BAC knowledge base "migration SQL DB".



Danny Wang