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Java Classes / JAR files for Sitescope 11.0

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Java Classes / JAR files for Sitescope 11.0

I'm currently writing a java class and I'm going to recreate the jar file api_examples.jar to include this new class. I was wondering if anyone knew which class I would use (from the jar files in /lib) in my class that would give me a function that will return if a monitor is good,still running,error or warning ?  If you manually run a monitor in the web gui I want that same information , I was just wondering which function I would use .  I know in the example it calls SitescopeCommandLineUtil which calls IAPIConfiguration.class  which has the runExistingMonitorEx function. I just need to know which of those function I could use to get the information I need.


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Re: Java Classes / JAR files for Sitescope 11.0

I would like to know more about this as well...