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HP SiteScope - Java App monitor

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HP SiteScope - Java App monitor

Dear Experts,

We are currently using SiteScope 11.22 installed on RHEL.

I was just wondering what is the best monitor for a Java App.

Basically one of our applications started to slow down a lot and we would like to alert when the application becomes very slow.

We noticed that one of the CPUs went to 100% however the average CPU at the time was like 33%.


So I would like to know which monitor to configure to monitor a Java App when it becomes slow.


Any advice on this is very much appreciated.


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Re: HP SiteScope - Java App monitor


That depends. Is your App running on a server like Tomcat/JBoss/WAS or Weblogic? If so you may use JMX monitoring. If not then maybe OS-based monitoring by checking the Java process.
Kenneth Gonzalez
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