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Global NNMi - HPuCMDB integration

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Global NNMi - HPuCMDB integration

Hi Experts,

We have system of several local NNMi's. The future plan is to integrate these Local NNMi's into one Global NNMi (GNM). One of these local NNMi’s has already been integrated through BSM (RTSM) into our HPuCMDB. This HPuCMDB should be also common for all local NNMi’s in the future. We have come up with two options how to integrate these systems, but which solution is considered as best practice by HP?

  • Solution1: Local NNMi’s – Global NNMi – BSM – HPuCMDB – HP Service Manager
  • Solution2: Two separate integrations, where GNM is not connected to HPuCMDB
  1. Local NNMi’s – BSM – HPuCMDB – HP Service Manager
  2. Local NNMi’s – Global NNMi

If we have Global NNMi in between NNMi’s and HPuCMDB (Solution1), does it put some limitations or filter the CI’s & relationships?

When NNMi is integrated to RTSM, object‘s uCMDB ID is stored back to NNMi as a Custom Attribute. Does this Custom Attribute update work with GNM-RTSM integration?


Are there any better solutions how to integrate these systems together?