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Can Unresolved/Unassigned events KPI be fed from HIs only?

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Can Unresolved/Unassigned events KPI be fed from HIs only?

Good morning and thanks for reading...


I have a question about the Unassigned and Unresolved events KPIs..    


As I understand, these KPIs are fed from hidden health indicators that are created automatically when a CI has received a critical event.


As a rule, the customer I am working at would not like this KPI to prapagate its status to its parent, this way if a CI shows red on this KPI, you know that the issue is on that CI.


So, to do this, I figured that i need to set the KPI`s calculated based on setting in Service Health to be fed from HIs and not from HIs and Child KPIs as is by default.   


When i do this, I get the following error message:


    The "Calculated Based On" field indicates that the KPI uses Health Indicators in its calculation, but the Related Health Indicators field is empty.   Click OK to save anyway, or click Cancel to define which Health Indicators are used to calculate the KPI.



So, my question is, in this scenario is BSM smart enough to still use the hidden HI to set the status of this KPI or not?


Attached a redacted screen shot of the error


thanks !!



Asaf Shechter
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Re: Can Unresolved/Unassigned events KPI be fed from HIs only?


the default behavior of these KPIs are as your customer expecting. I suggest to look at the KPI assignment and KPI Propagations and see if someone customized them.

to your question - no, the UI is "not smart enough" to know there is hidden HI there. it is doing validation based on the HIs you selected... and you didnt select any HI...