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Calling all Milwaukee, Chicago, & Indianapolis BAC, OM, and NNMi users-Ops Roadshow next week!

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Calling all Milwaukee, Chicago, & Indianapolis BAC, OM, and NNMi users-Ops Roadshow next week!

*********2nd leg of HP Ops Roadshow coming next week!  (4/27-4/29)  Reg @ or use links below************


Greetings all - In case you haven’t heard a number of us Product Marketing/Management folks are gearing up to share the latest of what we’re working on including:


Application Performance Management/BAC – where yours truly with superstar Product Manager Avi Huber will cover and demo how our proactive approach to APM helps you manage every aspect of application performance – all the way from the end user, to the service, to the app, the underlying transactions, to the infrastructure, and everything in-between…


Event Consolidation – you’ll learn more about how to optimize ops efficiently by automatically determining the actual cause events from the never ending stream of symptomatic noise…


Network Change & Configuration Management – you’ll learn how you can automatically provision network devices, streamline network configuration changes, compliance management, audits, etc….


Run Book Automation – check out how you can finally automate the simple tedious tasks like archiving files as well as the complex but still tedious tasks like disaster recovery planning…


Virtualization Management – you’ll see how you can speed up provisioning new virtual servers, get monitoring going on them, track it throughout its life and make sure it stays all patched up and in compliance…


Get plugged in and register for Milwaukee on 4/27, Chicago on 4/28, or Indianapolis on 4/29


Anyway, you can see we’ve got a lot on the slate to cover in a chunk of a day, but you can bet it will be time well spent – looking forward to seeing you there!


cheers, colin


P.S..  Shoutouts to Rocky Pisto (Vivit BoD member) and to Sonja Hickey (HP Ops Center PMM) for driving this forward….

Colin Fletcher
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Application Performance Management/BAC
Hewlett-Packard Company