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BSM with MySql database?

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BSM with MySql database?

Hello all,


We are trying to evaluate BSM 9.10 as a "umbrella" as it seems to be able to tie together all sorts of monitors ; OVO, NNM, OVPA, SiteScope etc. Perfect for our needs!


In our testsetup, we were planning to use a Linux server for the BSM application, and an Oracle 11g Standard edition

database. Now, as I have understood from the documentation, BSM requiers an Enterprise Edition database...

This is a bit of a problem for us, since we don't have any Enterprise databases and we simply can't order them

for this evaluation alone.



The other option would be a Microsoft MSSQL installation.

We would rather not go that way since our team has lots of unix- but no Windowsskills whatsoever.


Now, when installing BSM, I could not help noticing that there is a directory that reads "MySql" in the DataBase setup scripts. This folder is basically empty, but the fact that it exists sort of implies that there is work going on to use it as an option.

There is no documentation about MySql in the manuals, so here comes my question:


Will BSM be supported with a MySql database in a near future?

Has anyone heard of a release (beta or whatever) of BSM that has this as an option?






Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: BSM with MySql database?

Oliw wrote:

Will BSM be supported with a MySql database in a near future?


Never heard of it and cannot imagine it would be the case taking into account the enterprise nature of BSM and its ongoing expansion. Anyway disclosing any new features of future product releases in the public forum like this one is strictly prohibited by HP internal policies.


If you want to use Standard Edition of Oracle or MSSQL for your BSM Test/Dev environment you can do it. The partitioning/purging manager functionality in BSM won't work, of course, so your DB will grow indefinitely over time. So you will need to either allow more and more disk space on your DB server, or you should be okay to throw away all data in the DB and start from scratch. For Test/Dev environments it could be an acceptable solution.  

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Re: BSM with MySql database?

Thanks Dmitry,
We will complete the install with the Standard Edition database
to be able to do our evaluation.

Best Regards,