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BSM Support tip: Checking on HP RUM Probe issues

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BSM Support tip: Checking on HP RUM Probe issues



I would like to provide a healthy advice while working on RUM probe problem.


Some of the problems related to RUM data that is not coming to BSM are related in fact to network factors.


When you are concerned about applications that are not receiving data the first thing you should try to determine is:

1. Is RUM probe getting traffic at all?

If this is not working you should verify for Port block, network devices that could prevent the data from being sniffed and configuration of the applications to ensure that the details provided are the appropriate to get the information.


2. Is RUM Probe getting traffic from the configured applications?

By only getting traffic there is still the question "Am I getting the right traffic?" You can use tools such as wire shark, tcpdump/windump and check if the traffic that you are able to see is in fact related to URL, Host and ports configured for the applications defined in BSM.


Sometimes the application could be moved to another server and this will cause to stop receiving traffic with previous configuration that worked.


I hope this information helps.


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