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BSM-SM Integration

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BSM-SM Integration

Hi All,


   I have integrated BSM with SM. During the integration I have added the SM server Ip address to the OMI connected server beacuse with fqdn name test connection was failed. I have selected the call grovvyscript adapter and then I have chosed external event processing type: sm.


Grovvy script file name:ServermanagerAdapter.grovvy.


Outgoing connection: I have mentioned SM User name and password and port number:13092


Event Drill down: FQDN:I have given fqdn name.



Incoming connection: I have set everything.


In BSM installed directory.. i have changed the grovvy script with the SMweb tier.


IN SM Side:


Since we dnt have hardware loadbalancer.. I have mentioned gateway server one url in the SM general parameter setting.

Username: Service_Manager


Everything done..


When I Right click on the event to transfer to Service Manager..


I have recieved the following error message in event.

"Gateway server '' failed to forward the event with id '969d9010-4502-71e2-1bcf-ac10d3130000', triggered by manual transfer control, to server 'Service Manager' due to the following error encountered by groovy script 'ServiceManagerAdapter.groovy': HTTP request to Connected Server 'Service_Manager' on node '' failed with HTTP status: (400) Bad Request." 

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Re: BSM-SM Integration

First of all check this:
Is SM sever pinging from BSM sever.
Is telnet working with the port mentioned.

As test connection is not working so it will not transfer any event to SM for IM generation.
Try to connect with admin account of SM and check.
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Re: BSM-SM Integration

I am able to ping  and telnet SM server from BSM server. But I am not able to telnet BSM server from SM server. IS this the problem?? But From Sm server I am able to ping the BSM server.


Whenver I manually push the event from BSM server to SM its passes via gatewAY server 2. In my scenerio there is no loadbalancer so I have added the gatway server one to the sm SERVER.


Dnt know excatly problem.

Re: BSM-SM Integration

try telnet with 80 port from SM - BSM.

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Re: BSM-SM Integration

From SM server I am not able to telnet bsm server using port 80..

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Re: BSM-SM Integration

Hi Mascotte,


      I am not able to ping bsm server from sm server using port 80. And I want to tell you that this multiserver deployment and we dnt have loadbalacer for two gateway servers. So In SM  server I have the given detail of gateway server one. BUt whenever I have manualy push the events from gatay server one event browser , the events are passing thorugh gateway server two.. is this any pbm?? Kindly find the attachment..



IS there any setting I need to change in BSM

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Re: BSM-SM Integration



you should opr-event-sync-adapter log attach.

log path = <BSM root>log->opr-scripting-host

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event