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BSM Operations Management view

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BSM Operations Management view

Hi all



Hope someone can steer me in the right direction with this. We've integrated Sitescope to BSM using OM, the idea being to send events to BSM.

That's all working fine now, but I have no idea how to create a meaningful view to use in the Event Browser.


I'm used to creating Pattern Views in RTSM, but from what I understand I need to create a Perspective View.


I guess what I'd like to know for now is what type of CI would an event sent from Sitescope to BSM via OM integration be? Surely not a Sitescope Monitor CI.


Secondly, if I want to create a Perspective View that would show any and all events sent from an Operations Agent, how would I go about doing that?



Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Asaf Shechter
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Re: BSM Operations Management view

few notes that i have:

1) why are you sending SiS to OM and then to BSM? why not directly?

2) are you doing topology integration between SiS and BSM or SiS and OM and then OM to BSM?

3) to create meaningful view with the monitored CIs, you will need the topology integration. you can use System_Infrastructure view or System Hardware Monitoring view to see the monitored CIs.

4) a view is a view so it doesnt matter if you create pattern view or perspective view. the result is the same.


Let me know if this answers your questions or not,


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Re: BSM Operations Management view

Hi Asaf



Thanks for getting back to me. I think I got something working now more or less, just created a new pattern view containg only "Configuration Item" and set the cardinality to be Monitored By contains "OM".


We're doing things this way as we've found no way of creating MyBSM views that will display the Sitescope CIs together with the actual values returned. Also for some strange reason, the views we were able to cobble together didn't allow us to sort CIs by date for instance, only alphabetically and that's it.

Using the OM type integration, we at least can use the Operations Manager section in BSM and have something far closer to what we require (and what we were able to do with BAC 8 using the normal Sitescope to BSM integration).


Still have some issues though. We're able to assign an event to a particular user, but seemingly after some time, the event just gets discarded for whatever reason, even though it's still assigned to someone.


Still quite a few pieces of the puzzle we have to figure out, but this way we're able to get something more useful together.

Even though we're using Sitescope to OM integration, in our case the OM server is actually the BSM server. We're still integrating straight with BSM, just using OM integration in order to send events.

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