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BSM DR Site Hot-standby

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BSM DR Site Hot-standby

Understand BSM supports DR configuration not until the release of 9.1.


I am seeing the possibility of installing GW, DPS, BSM DP at DR site and making use of BSM to BSM integration mentioned at page 335 of BSM Solutions & Integrations manual, Can anyone suggest the possibility?


Otherwise we could just step up a fresh installation of BSM at DR site and when the production site failure, just manually changing the load balancer to point all new requests to the GW server at DR site?


Please kindly advise the possibilities, thanks,





Ken Strauss_2
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Re: BSM DR Site Hot-standby

We have a "warmish" standby in our 8.x environment,  it takes 2 hours to failover so I wouldn't call it "hot"  but are waiting on 9.10 to hopefully get us there.

Jerry Brown_1
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Re: BSM DR Site Hot-standby

We have a DR configuration with 9.01 where all servers are in one BSM. Database is replicated with DataGuard. We're in the process of testing just how warm to keep the backup site and the details of the failover procedure. I'll try to post more in a few days.

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Re: BSM DR Site Hot-standby

have u done it sucessfully?,,how u replicated ur db with dataguard?

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