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BSM COnnectr failover while integrating with MS SCOM

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BSM COnnectr failover while integrating with MS SCOM

Hi All,


We are going to have HP BSM/OMi and MS SCOM integration using BSM connector. We also have some other third party tools which we will be integrating with BSM/OMi.


We want this integration to be in high availability mode, as BSM connector does not have any OOTB HA feature we will manually have this HA.


We will be intstalling BSMC on 2 different servers and using Load balancer incoming events will be forwarded to the active BSMC server. in case of SNMP traps this should work fine as load balancer will frward trap to active BSMC, but for MS SCOM integration how can we acheive this functioanlity, as in BSM connector server we use BSMC for SCOM and provide IP address of MS SCOM server.





//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event