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BPM console issue

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BPM console issue

Hi Experts,


Not able to open the BPM console in the BPM machine or for that matter on  any machine I tried. We had the latest JRE on the each machine.


Can you please through some light, what might be the reason?







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Re: BPM console issue

Hi Sivabac,


Are you refering to the business process monitor software?


If so, i think you could get a more suitable reply if you post it in their product sub-forum. This subforum is for Operations Manager for Unix.


Let us know wihch product you are using.





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Re: BPM console issue

Apparently, BSM has a problem with java7-21.


Wouldn't be surprised if this applied to BPM as well.

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Re: BPM console issue

Hi sivabac



Are you trying to connect to the console from within BSM or directly from the BPM machine itself?


If from BSM, could you try to RDP to the BPM machine, then try opening up http://localhost:2696? If that works, then it's most likely a FW issue between your BSM machine and your BPM machine (allow communications from your BSM machine to your BPM machine over TCP port 2696).



If you can't even reach the console from the BPM machine itself though, it might be something a bit trickier. Before we go down this route though, I think first try the above and see how it goes. Hopefully it is just a FW rule that needs sorting out.