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BPM alert error

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BPM alert error

Hi Team ,


we have four BPM servers run the same script from different locations .

the issue is we are receiving continuous alert from one of them how ever the another three location are working fine

could you please advise what the reason for this error


the error we are receiving is



Transaction Error Message: 1.Action.c(75): Error -27727: Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading resource(s). Set the "Step Timeout caused by resources is a warning" Run-Time Setting to Yes/No to have this message as a warning/error, respectively 


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Re: BPM alert error

This timeout message is an indication for specific connectivity issue from this specific location.

Few actions you can take:


1. Increase timeout: Open Vugen-> Replay -> Run Time Settings -> Internat Protocol -> Preferences -> Set Advanced Options -> General -> Step download timeout (sec) : change it to 300


Usually it will not help - 2 minutes is a lot time anyway


2.  Login to your BPM, and open a browser, and check how is your pesonal expirience.

Expect to get timeout as well in the browser


3. If this is your BPM -> open ticket to your IT system, and provide the URL

4. If this is SAAS/AppPulse BPM -> open ticket to them, and ask for clarification, the fact that other location are not failling is most important.