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BAC 8.03 OpenAPI Query - User Question

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Michele Ruggier
Senior Member

BAC 8.03 OpenAPI Query - User Question

Hi All,
I created an OpenAPI query and I have this question:
- Can I use in the webquery an user different by an user which administration privileges? If "yes" which permission I have to allow to this user?
Amit Erental
Honored Contributor

Re: BAC 8.03 OpenAPI Query - User Question

Hi Michele

Page 298 of the solutions and integrations pdf :

For a query to access the data using the API query syntax described below,
the user and password parameters passed in the query must be those of a
user with either System Viewer or Superuser permissions. For details on
setting permissions in the Permissions Manager, see â Permissions Overviewâ
in Platform Administration.

Michele Ruggier
Senior Member

Re: BAC 8.03 OpenAPI Query - User Question

Hi Amit, thanks for your support.
With system_viewer permission I solved the user problem.
Now I have another problem. Using the query I observed a very strange thing. Time_stamp field(express in long seconds) is not aligned with bac_system_date. Pratically if I use in the select:

time_stamp>=1283328000 that in GMT+1 is time_stamp>=01/09/2010 09:00:00

bac give me as result (also in custom query builder) values with time_stamp>=01/09/2010 10:00:00 as follow:

time_stamp Target Name Measurement Name
Measurement Value

9/1/10 10:00 AM xyxyxyxy Volumi 8.00.

BAC_DB, BAC_GW and BAC_DPS have the same date (in GMT+1).
I don't know why bac has different values for time_stamp in date format and in log-seconds format.
Do you know how is managed this values by bac?
Thanks in advance

Amit Erental
Honored Contributor

Re: BAC 8.03 OpenAPI Query - User Question

HI Michele

Not sure I totally understood the question

The query uses and returnes time in seconds since january 1 , 1970. this number is always in UTC (which is GMT without time zone offset and without DST offset)

So if you query for time > some_number, and this number represent 09:00 on GMT, you will get result that match this query, which also match 10:00 in GMT + 1

For the date format:

For logs, BAC uses date format as specified in the log properties files

How did you get this output "9/1/10 10:00 AM xyxyxyxy Volumi 8.00" ? took the web response to excel or some other editor?

Try to have a look at the integration and solutions pdf, for "Date-Time Values" and "byTime Function" (pages 304-305), or for dateFormat parameter (page 310), if you are using Legacy Queries

Hope this help


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