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Alerts not coming to BSM (OMi) console

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Alerts not coming to BSM (OMi) console

Hi Experts,


We have BSM integrated with NNMi, OMW and Sitescope in our enviornment with all the services and connectivity working fine. But today we faced the issue twice in which alerts were not coming to the OMi console. In the first instance we just restarted the BSM services and the issue got resolved, but the issue reccurred within 4 hours.


So can you please help me with some troubleshooting steps that we can do before going for services restart if this issue comes up again in the future and any logfiles that I can check to find the exact issue.


Thanks in Advance.





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Re: Alerts not coming to BSM (OMi) console

Hello Arvinder,


What is your current version of BSM?


There are some initial points to consider:


1. Check for latest minor patch or intermediate patch available for you version as there are some enhancements to process events. If you are in BSM 9.0 or BSM 9.1 I would recommend to move to BSM 9.20 instead.


2. Check  if the events were in fact send from data collector. In BSM side you can use HPBSM\log\wde\opr-gateway.log to check if event was received.


3. If event was received might not be processed so you need to check opr-backend log files under DPS server.


4. There could memory issues if the deployment is not aligned with the current load of data that is coming to BSM.


5. There is a general log files under HPBSM\log\ named topaz_all.ejb.log that can provide different details if you are aware of close timestamps to follow.


For more steps I would advice to open a support ticket with Operations management support.


I hope this helps.


Kind regards,

Javier Mora