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APM solution help

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APM solution help

Need your help to suggest how to use APM for the following application environment:


  • Application builds on Ruby on Rails Technology.

  • Application framework is MVC

  • At present we are using Mongrel as webserver and Apache as application server. In very near future we, one new version of application will move to ngnix and Apache2

  • At present we are using MySQL as database server.  But our application has scope to move any other database server.

  • Application calls some third party tool’s API to get required data on a particular interval. For these jobs, our application will open some thread to call and to process those required information which is available in third party API. Once the processes are completed, these threads close automatically.

  • In application dash board, we are using one third party tools to display some charts. This tool required some XML/JSON to render any charts, our business tier (written in Ruby) generates those XML/JSON as per the chart type.

  • Have features to send some bulk mail to the users. For this application will open separate thread.

  • Have some basic CRUD functionality.

  • We are using ActiveRecord Query structure (supported by Rails framework) to write any SQL query.

  • Database tier validation also written in ActiveRecord format, with in respective Models.

  • For client side validation we are using jQuery Rails Framework.

  • For responsive design Bootstrap Rails Framework has been integrated.

  • Business tier logic is in Ruby


Would HPSW End User Monitoring solution manage the application environment as above, keeping in mind the support matrix of our solution today.


Please advice for me!


Thank in advance ~


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