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SiteScope Content Pack for SAP HANA

SiteScope Content Pack for SAP HANA



Capgemini, HPE’s Channel Partner, continues to add to the rich repertoire of SiteScope monitors with its latest addition of the SAP HANA Monitor. The SAP HANA monitor for SiteScope provides agentless monitoring capability for your SAP HANA instance. The custom monitor for SAP HANA can be installed as an add-on to your existing SiteScope instance.

Key features

  • Agentless monitoring of SAP HANA instance, requires no installation on SAP HANA host
  • Very small footprint and easy to install and configure
  • Add-in to SiteScope, can be installed without any impact on SiteScope instance already running
  • Leverages HPE SiteScope features such as alerts, reports and analysis
  • Enables monitoring over various aspects such as Connections, Disk Usage, Memory Usage, System, Cache,
           Workload, and Services with real time metrics. Full-featured version offers around 100+ SAP HANA metrics
           from different monitoring aspects.


  • Evaluation version
  • Full featured version
  • Customized version

Contact the Capgemini team at for a copy of the evaluation version. 

Deployment Environment

  • Windows 64 bit / Linux 64 bit System
  • Site Scope Server 11.33 up and running
  • HANA DB content package

4 simple steps to monitor your SAP HANA instance!

Step 1: Copy the SAP HANA Driver

Copy the Sap Hana Driver (ngdbc.jar) to lib folder at <SiteScope_Install_Directory>/WEB_INF/lib. Restart the SiteScope server.

Note: The SAP HANA Driver (ngdbc.jar) is installed as part of the SAP HANA client and is located at:

  • <Install_Dir>\Program Files\sap\hdbclient\ (Microsoft Windows)
  • /usr/sap/hdbclient/ (Linux and UNIX platforms)

Step 2: Import the Content Package

Log in to SiteScope as an administrator. Select the Templates context. In the template tree, right-click the template container into which you want to import the content package and click Import > Content Package. Browse to the location where you saved the content package and select the content pack. The SAP HANA Template is imported and available under the group container.pic1.pngpic2.png

Note: You will need to enter the password for the full version of the content package, which is provided at the time of purchase.

Step 3: Provide the Deployment Values

Provide the Server Name, System Number, Database Username and Database password of HANA Database and click OK.

Step 4: Run the monitor

Run the monitor to retrieve the metrics for the various SAP HANA monitors. The metrics are displayed on the SiteScope Dashboard.HANACacheMonitorHANACacheMonitorHANAConnectionAndDatabaseMonitorHANAConnectionAndDatabaseMonitorHANADiskUsageMonitorHANADiskUsageMonitor HANAServicesMonitorHANAServicesMonitor


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