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Come and discover Performance Engineering at its best

Come and discover Performance Engineering at its best



The days of long software development cycles are gone. (But remember how luxurious they were when you only had a few releases per year?)


In today’s hectic daily, weekly or bi-weekly release schedules, your business relies on you to deliver applications that work quickly, simply and flawlessly. Your applications must satisfy end users, outclass the competition, and drive increasing profits. If you are struggling to:

  • Keep track of projects
  • Time and budgets
  • Guarantee robust performance of your app
  • Create realistic simulations of network and service behavior


If you answered yes to any of these come and meet the HPE Application Lifecycle Management team at the CMG’s Performance and Capacity Conference in San Antonio, TX on Nov 3rd- 5th, 2015.


HPE provides the best and the most complete solutions for Application Lifecycle Management, so come and discover how Hewlett Packard Enterprise ALM software enables you to define, build, test and accelerate the delivery of amazing applications. By visiting with our team, you will learn how to test early, test often and test continuously. This is your opportunity to learn how to test when the real services are unavailable, when data access is restricted and when data is difficult to attain. It is vital to test so you can confidently deliver higher-quality software and meet the demands of your customers.


By attending the conference you will find out how to plan, run and scale your web and mobile testing with one easy-to-use solution and how to ensure consistent functionality across multiple development platforms, device types, hardware specifications and new operating system releases. Now you can uncover the power of capturing and then emulating network conditions, so you can remove performance bottlenecks and guarantee superior user experience. (Or in a nut shell, come and discover performance engineering at its best.)


Feel free to join us during the expo hours and learn more about StormRunner Load, Service and Network Virtualization, AppPulse and Mobile Center.


And in case the above is not enough, there is another reason to come and meet us. November 2 will mark a historic occasion as we embark on our first day as Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As a matter of fact, CMG will be the first conference that we go under the new company name, new logo, in other words: #newHPE.



I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!

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