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Accelerate Automated Testing with the New Version (14) of HPE Unified Functional Testing & LeanFT

Accelerate Automated Testing with the New Version (14) of HPE Unified Functional Testing & LeanFT


In mid 2015, we released LeanFT, a continuous testing and continuous integration solution, as part of HPE UFT 12.50 (original blog post).  Since then, the product has rapidly matured with four service packs and has been proven in the market with many positive reviews from analysts and automation ‘Gurus’ alike.  Most importantly, hundreds of our veteran UFT customers have started to leverage LeanFT.

Today, we celebrate another milestone with a major release for LeanFT and UFT, version 14.00.  It is packed with improvements designed to address the needs of our users, and to open new and exciting possibilities in software test automation. 

In this blog, I will cover four major themes for this release that we believe have a significant impact on your experience with our solutions. However, there are so many new capabilities you may find valuable and to that end, we invite you to visit and read the what’s new page in the UFT online Help or the LeanFT Help.   With that in mind, let’s dive into the four major themes:

UFT’s new editions + Packaging and Pricing
UFTs Edition.pngAs of February 1st, we are expanding your options to work with our functional testing solutions.  The HPE UFT portfolio will now have three editions: UFT Pro (LeanFT), UFT Enterprise and UFT Ultimate. Let’s talk about each of them.

UFT Pro (LeanFT)

As of version 14.00, LeanFT has been renamed to UFT Pro (LeanFT).  By bringing LeanFT under the UFT “umbrella” we are not only enhancing the UFT brand equity, but we are also tightening the connection between the two and reinforcing the common goal they serveà enhancing software test automation, while one product (LeanFT) complements the other (UFT).  

Further, the LeanFT heritage isn’t going away, you will see it not only in the official name but also as a standalone name in the product itself, that will continue to have a stand-alone installation, signifying the design goal of LeanFT—to provide a lean software test automation solution that is an integral part of the agile development and testing landscape.

UFT Enterprise

Any customer that has a UFT license today basically has a UFT Enterprise license. 

UFT Enterprise continues to include both the UFT and the UFT Pro (LeanFT) solutions, providing you the flexibility to choose the working environment, language, and tool-set of your choice.

We have added a bonus to UFT Enterprise.  We are now providing Sprinter, our proven solution for high efficiency manual functional testing, free of charge, to anyone who purchases or already owns a UFT Enterprise concurrent license.  Learn more about Sprinter, a market leading manual and exploratory testing tool.

Using Sprinter will not be counted as a license usage under the UFT license. That means you’ll be able to use it without worrying about how it will affect the total number of licenses you have in the license server pool. You will also be able to use Sprinter even if you don’t have HPE ALM or HPE Quality Center as you’ll be able to integrate with JIRA or Bugzilla to help people using those solutions for defect management.  

Sprinter will continue to be offered with HPE ALM and Quality Center (QC) at no additional charge. 

UFT Ultimate

Version 14.00 introduces additional options for people working with our functional testing solutions.  UFT Ultimate represents a brand new bundle including everything a QA Engineer needs to achieve their functional testing goals, including: UFT Enterprise (which includes LeanFT as mentioned above), Sprinter, Business Process Testing (BPT*) and Mobile Center (for functional testing purposes only**).   We expect the UFT Ultimate bundle to continue to expand in capabilities as the market demands for software test automation increase.

From a licensing perspective, one item from each solution (UFT Enterprise, BPT and Mobile Center) is given with the purchase of one UFT Ultimate, representing a complete toolset for functional testing.

UFT Ultimate represents significant value.   It is available for a much lower cost compared to the combined parts of the bundle, making it a real money saver for organizations facing the need to do end-to-end functional testing including web, service/API and mobile testing.

* In order to take advantage of the BPT piece in this bundle, customers must have an ALM or a QC Concurrent User license. Read here to learn more about HPE Business Process Testing.

** UFT Ultimate only enables features in Mobile Center that are related to functional testing. The following services will be blocked when using this license: Performance testing, Security testing, Application Monitoring.

Upgrade paths are available to allow customers to move from one edition to the other.

Also, I am happy to announce that the UFT Runtime Engine is now supporting the execution of tests created by UFT and UFT Pro (LeanFT).


UFT Pro (LeanFT) is now a Cross-Platform Solution LeanFT cross platform.png

 The user community has asked for more platform options for the installation and usage of our solution.  I am proud to announce that UFT Pro (LeanFT) now works on several Linux distributions and Mac OS versions when doing web and mobile testing*.  This is supported in either the Java or the JavaScript SDK using the UFT Pro (LeanFT) Plugins for Eclipse or IntelliJ.

Mac/Linux support includes similar capabilities to the Windows version, including: IDE project templates, Application Models, a brand new Object Identification Center, Parallel Execution, Reporting, and more.

 Users now have the flexibility to not only choose which language, IDE, and unit-test framework they want to work on, but also on which machine and operating system**.

 * In this release, only mobile execution is supported on Mac and Linux, the script creation should still be done in a Windows OS. This limitation will soon be removed.

**According to LeanFT’s Product Availability Matrix (PAM)


HPE_Selenium_puzzle_v12.jpg UFT Pro (LeanFT) for Selenium

Selenium is a widely used, cross-platform, open-source framework for web application automation. Selenium’s core feature is the WebDriver API, which allows the creation of tests (scripts) in various programming languages and their execution on various browsers.

 Starting with this release, HPE UFT Pro (LeanFT) includes a solution, LeanFT For Selenium, which works on top of Selenium.  It allows the Selenium users to increase their productivity by creating more robust and easier to create and maintain, Selenium tests.

 The solution, which is integrated to commonly used IDEs includes:

  • An extension of the Selenium API with additional useful locators and utilities
  • A Selenium-based Object Identification Center for easy creation of robust object identifications

 To read more about what LeanFT4Selenium is all about and how to use it, read this excellent blog written by HPE Functional Architect- Yossi Rachelson.

 Using the native UFT Pro (LeanFT) SDK and its full feature set (compared to the use of LeanFT For Selenium) still has many advantages, but for developers and functional test engineers who are strongly attached to Selenium, LeanFT For Selenium will surely come in handy. 

 This is only our first step in this exciting direction; more capabilities will arrive soon, a dedicated distribution list has been created - to hear from the field their feedbacks and future needs, so don't hesitate to share them with us and influence the product design according to your needs.

 UFT Enterprise - Test Combination Generation (TCG)

How to create, manipulate and take advantage of Test Data, is one of the biggest challenges engineers face as part of their automation efforts.  Now, thanks to the TCG tool, when working on GUI tests, automation engineers can automatically generate sets of parameter values for their Global Data Table, and easily create the desired data coverage.TCG2.JPG

  TCG allows you to:

  • Generate composite parameters which are made from multiple parameter values
  • Easily exclude parameters from the generated configuration
  • Take advantage of a regular expression, happy / error path, and different combination algorithm (Linear, Pairwise, or Triplewise) to intelligently create your data, and the data sets combination configurations.

Read our user guide for more details on how to use TCG.


This blog has only covered a subset of the functionality provided in this major release of the UFT portfolio, but I hope this was enough to convince you to give it a try.  We will cover more details of the latest features shortly.

You can download the full version with a 60-day free evaluation from the following locations: 

 For Existing Customer Updates: (Select "My Updates")

  • For Evaluating Customers: try LeanFT or try UFT
  • For HPE’s Authorized Software Partners: use HPE Software Partner Central
  • For HPE’s Employees: Use this link

To learn more about UFT, UFT Pro (LeanFT) and Functional Testing visit us at:

Go UFT | Go LeanFT | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

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Great read Amir! 


it is very useful article.

I am using LeanFt with eclips IDE and also Using UFT separately. there is any plan so we can use leanft feature and uft both in same uft IDE.  


Great information.Can we get the trial version of leanFT pl?

HPE Blogger

Hi RiyaB, please use this link to get UFT Pro (LeanFT): 

Hi Rakesh Goyal, for now, UFT will continue to have a dedicated IDE, however, UFT Pro (LeanFT) will get more and more 'UFT like features' in the developer IDE.

Frequent Contributor.


With the new version, is there a way to convert UFT scripts, BPT's to Lean FT.

Though we understand the languages differ, but if some solution is provided it would be really helpful.

We have lot of scripts in UFT and it is really hard to migrate to LFT even if we want to. Efforts are equal to creating new automation framework/scripts in LFT.

Thank you,


HPE Blogger

 Hi Baan, there is no built in, HPE tool that does this conversion from UFT to LeanFT, however there are partners who can assist you with that task, check for example: