Agile Manager Release Notes

Synchronizer Update: 5-August-2013

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Synchronizer Update: 5-August-2013

A new version of ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager is now available.


What's new? 


Synchronize attachments. You can now synchronize attachments between HP Application Lifecycle Management and HP Agile Manager. For details, refer to the Synchronizer User Guide.


In addition, the following support cases are resolved: SD00022098, SD00020043, SD00022619


We encourage you to download and install the new version of the Synchronizer server to benefit from the latest enhancements.


To install the new version: 

  1. Backup links. In the Synchronizer client, select Link > Export > Link Data Into Backup File. You can use the backup file to restore links in case of any data loss.
  2. Uninstall the current Synchronizer server. For details, refer to the Installation Guide.
  3. Install the new Synchronizer server. In an FTP client (not a web browser), access the following host – 
    Open the Server folder, and run the setup.exe file.
    During installation, in the Database Configuration stage, make sure to select Keep Existing Database.
    For more details, refer to the Installation Guide.