Agile Manager Release Notes

Synchronizer Update: 20-October-2013

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Synchronizer Update: 20-October-2013

The recent update for ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager enables you to improve the connections between your projects.


What's New?


Synchronize links between backlog items (entity links). 

  • Entity links are synchronized from ALM to Agile Manager, and vice versa.
  • You can view synchronized links as Agile Manager linked items, or as ALM linked entities.
  • ALM Synchronizer administrators can define the types of synchronized entity links.

For details, see the Synchronizer User Guide.


We encourage you to download and install the new versions of the Synchronizer server and client to benefit from the latest enhancements.


To install the new versions:


Back up links between Agile Manager and ALM. In the Synchronizer Client, select Link > Export > Link Data Into Backup File. You can use the backup file to restore endpoint links between Agile Manager and ALM in case of any data loss.


Uninstall the current Synchronizer server and client.


Install the new Synchronizer server and client. In an FTP client, access the following host:


Open the Installation > Server folder, and run the setup.exe file. During installation, in the Database Configuration stage, make sure to select Keep Existing Database.


Open the Installation > Client folder, and run the setup.exe file.


For details, see the Installation Guide, which is also stored on the FTP host, in the Docs folder.