Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 4-Dec-2012

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Release Notes: 4-Dec-2012

What’s New
This section describes the added functionality since the public beta release.

Planning Board
A versatile and interactive tool that provides you with a bird's eye view of your release backlog. The planning board displays all the release backlog items in a configurable grid. Use the planning board to review and plan your sprint backlogs. Learn more...

Application Lifecycle Intelligence
The Dev Insight tabs have been rearranged and renamed:

  • The ALI Summary tab has moved under Release Management.
  • Dev Insight has been split into two top-level tabs: Source Code and Builds.

Learn more...

User Roles
A new Team Member role is added to the user roles. Team Member users have full permissions in the application area, and read-only access to the configuration area.

You assign user roles in the Configuration area, in the Project Users tab.

Context-Sensitive Help
Each view in Agile Manager is linked directly to a relevant help topic that provides assistance on the page.
To access context-sensitive help, click Help > Help Center.

System Requirements

Recommended Browsers
HP Agile Manager works best with these browsers:

  • Chrome 23 and above
  • Firefox 16 and above
  • Internet Explorer 9

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 9, make sure that the Chrome Frame plug-in is disabled.

For best performance, the computer should be equipped with a video card that supports GPU rendering.

Known Issues

User roles
Users with a Team Member role do not have permissions to perform the following actions:

  • Create action items.
  • Delete a defect.

Users with a Team Member role can perform the following administrator actions:

  • Configure ALI settings.
  • Change users’ work capacity. 

The ALI Dev Bridge user must be defined as a Portal User on the SaaS User Portal.

Upgraded beta projects
On projects carried over from the beta program, breaking a story may cause incorrect data to be displayed in release buckets and team buckets.

Planning board
The planning board can display up to 200 backlog items.
Workaround: Create a filter to reduce the amount of backlog items.

It seems possible to convert a user story to a defect and vice-versa in the planning board. After refresh, the tiles return to their original type.

Split story
In certain browsers, the task selection checkboxes are hidden in the Split Story dialog box.