Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 29-December-2013

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Release Notes: 29-December-2013

Happy New Year to all Agile Manager users!


You can now try out the following new enhancements in HP Agile Manager. For more details, see the Agile Manager Help Center.


Filter indications

In grid views, the filter icon is highlighted when a filter is active.

Click the filter icon above the grid to clear the filter.


Identify the current tenant

Users with multiple tenants can quickly identify the current tenant.

The tenant name is shown next to the user name and in the browser tab title.


Load all task board items at once.

Above the task board grid, select Load All to load all items at once.

Clear the Load All check box to load items as you scroll.



Fixed defects:


IM00005540 SD00010177 - Correct filter displayed when selecting No Value in the Releases column on the Themes grid.

IM00024668 SD00015360 - Link text updated in backlog item tooltips.

IM00036388 [SD00034351] - Acceptance tests display correctly in the Sprint Backlog grid after selecting a different story.

IM00037662 SD00037047 - Acceptance tests are retained after the user who last modified the test is removed from the tenant.

IM00037685 SD00037086 - URL attachments work correctly when added by copying and pasting.

IM00036483 SD00034552 - Description and Comments columns are exported to Excel with correct formatting.

IM00029758 IM00034087 - SD00024396 SD00030205 - Grid column alignment problems fixed.

IM00037699 SD00037102 - Theme grid displays correct number of features when retrieving a theme.