Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 22-September-2013

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Release Notes: 22-September-2013

Following are highlights of enhancements you can now try out in HP Agile Manager. For full details, go to the Agile Manager Help Center.


Update multiple items

  • You can now update properties for multiple items simultaneously.
  • Select the items, and click More Actions > Update Selected.

Quick Actions

Use the Quick Actions shortcut (Ctrl+1) from anywhere in HP Agile Manager to easily navigate to any page, or to perform almost any action.


Attach images and files to defects

(Not supported in Internet Explorer)

In the Add New Defect dialog box:

  • Paste images or URLs from the clipboard
  • Drag and drop files from your file system

New applications model

We have opened up new options for associating items with applications:

  • Assign themes to multiple applications
  • Assign features to multiple applications
  • Assign backlog items to applications 

ALI: Associate code changes with alternative identifiers

If you maintain a parallel set of IDs for your work items, generated by another issue tracking tool, developers can commit changes with reference to the other ID. Agile Manager will map the change to the correct work item.