Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 20-October-2013

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Release Notes: 20-October-2013

Following are highlights of enhancements you can now try out in HP Agile Manager. For full details, go to the Agile Manager Help Center.


Re-login improvements

- The authentication timeout has been extended to three hours!
- To log in after a timeout, just enter your password.


ALM Synchronizer updates
- Links between backlog items are synchronized from ALM to Agile Manager, and vice versa.
- View synchronized links as Agile Manager linked items or as ALM linked entities.
- ALM Synchronizer administrators define the types of synchronized entity links.
- Download and install the new version of the ALM Synchronizer server and client to receive these updates.


Direct Cover Status
- Display Direct Cover statuses for features using the new Feature Direct Coverage Status widget.
- Use the Direct Cover Status field in custom summary graphs.


Compare planned and actual efforts
- User stories and defects now retain planned task effort estimates.
- Compare planned estimates to actual effort in Release Backlog and Sprint Backlog grids.
- Display estimated effort in custom summary graphs.


Data hiding enhancements (administrators only)
- Define the Application field as mandatory for new items. In Configuration, see Project Settings > Set required fields.
- Define the Application field as required for specific users only. In Project Settings > Project Users, unassign the (not set) application for selected users.