Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 2-June-2013

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Release Notes: 2-June-2013

What's New


Following are highlights of enhancements you can now try out in Agile Manager.


Item details tooltip

  • Hover over the ID of a backlog item to display a summary of its details.
  • The tooltip includes a summary of the item's dependencies. 

Planning board

The following details are now displayed on planning board cards:

  • Backlog item IDs.
  • An indication of blocked items. 

Task board

  • Filter items on the task board according to backlog item status.
  • The Assigned To filter on the task board now refers to both tasks and backlog items. Now, if you filter by a team member, backlog items assigned to that member will display, even if none of its tasks are assigned to him/her.

  • Previously, when you reassigned a backlog item to another team, its task assignments were reset. Now, tasks retain their original assignments, even if the backlog item is owned by another team. You can identify tasks assigned to another team by filtering the task board by non-team members. 

ALI: Associate code changes with tasks

  • In the IDE plugins, activate a task. When you commit your changes, the commit message will include details of the task in context.
  • In Agile Manager, on the Source Management page, define the commit patterns that uses to identify code changes associated with tasks.

New widget: application investment

Displays the amount of done vs. remaining work on each application in a release.


Attach URL

You can now add a URL attachment to your items. In the Add Attachment dialog box, select the URL button.


Reassign items
When you reassign a backlog item to a different team, the item's status remains unchanged, and the new team continues work from where the original team left off. 

You can now instruct to reset the reassigned item's status to 'New'.
In the Configuration area, select Release > Release Details, and click the Additional Details sidebar button.


Select linked items

Creating dependencies between backlog items became a lot easier. A toolbar is added to the User Story Traceability and Linked Defects dialog boxes, enabling you to:

  • choose the columns displayed in the selection grids.
  • filter on any of the columns.
  • clear the filters and refresh the grid.



Fixed Defects


Various defects have been fixed.