Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 17-Mar-2013

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Release Notes: 17-Mar-2013

What's New


Following are highlights of enhancements that have been made to Agile Manager. For full details, see the Agile Manager Help Center.



Multiple application support

You can now define multiple applications in Agile Manager, and manage them in a unified backlog.


Group stories

User stories that you break are now converted to group stories. You can view group stories and drill down to their user stories in a new Group Stories view.


Export backlogs to file

Export the contents of a grid to an Excel or CSV file.


Import from file – enhancements

When importing backlog items from a file, specify a sprint and team to import the items directly to a team sprint backlog. Updated template files are available in the Agile Manager Help Center.


Filter features and themes by release

Track the progress of features and themes in selected releases, directly from the Features or Themes page.


Features and theme ranking

Ranking is now enabled also for features and themes.


Universal Add Item dialog box

Using the Add New Item dialog box,  you can now create an entire hierarchy of themes, features and users stories without leaving the dialog box. You can open the dialog box from the Themes, Features or Backlog pages.


Set backlog item to 'Done'

Previously, you could configure  whether non-passed acceptance tests would keep backlog items open. Now, you can configure whether open linked defects will prevent you from closing a backlog item.


ALI: Connect change sets to tasks

In your commit messages, you can now associate code changes to tasks, as well as to user stories and defects.


ALM Synchronizer

The Direct Cover Status field can now be synchronized from ALM to Agile Manager.


New widgets

The following new out-of-the-box widgets are now available in the widget gallery:

  • Blocked stories widget
  • Application widgets


Fixed Defects

Various defects have been fixed.