Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 16-Dec-12

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Release Notes: 16-Dec-12

Fixed Defects


  • The following defect occurred in release graphs configured to a sprint scope: after selecting a specific release and sprint, if you set the Release field to Context Sensitive, the Sprint field still displayed the previously selected sprint, and could not be reset.
  • When trying to navigate from a defects widget to Defect Management, an error occurred.
  • If a saved dashboard is selected, after logging out and logging back in to the project, in some cases a blank dashboard displayed.

Product Backlog

  • Before the first release was defined, you could not add tasks to backlog items.


  • Selecting user fields to filter by, such as Assigned To, resulted in unexpected behavior.

User Roles

  • The ALI Dev Bridge user had to be defined as a Portal User on the SaaS User Portal.