Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 12-May-2013

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Release Notes: 12-May-2013

What's New


Following are highlights of enhancements that have been made to Agile Manager. For full details, see the Agile Manager Help Center.


Custom fields

- You can now define additional fields for user stories, defects, themes and features.

- The new fields can contain any data type (text, numbers, date, etc.)

- Display the new fields in grids and include them in filters.


Ranking enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to backlog ranking:

- Select multiple items in a grid and re-rank them using drag-and-drop.

- Send items to the top or bottom ranks with a single click.

- Determine a backlog item's true rank in relation to the full backlog.


Planning board

You can now save custom views on the planning board as favorites. The predefined views are saved under the Public folder.



Theme and feature status graphs are now sorted by theme and feature rank.


Related features and backlog items

View and manage child items on the parent's details page:

- Features associated with a theme are listed on the theme's details page.

- Backlog items associated with a feature are listed on the feature's details page.

- User stories associated with a group story are listed on the group story's details page.


Convert user story to feature

If you have a large user story, convert it to a feature, and associate other backlog items with it.


Filtering enhancements

- Use the keyboard to type values in multi-selection filter boxes. Separate values with a semicolon.

- A ''Clear'' button is added to each of the filter boxes, enabling you to clear the condition.


Linked items

The grid view on the Linked Items page now displays all the linked items in a single unified table. The linkage type is indicated in the Link Type column.



Fixed Defects

Various defects have been fixed.