Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 11-August-2013

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Release Notes: 11-August-2013

Following are highlights of enhancements you can now try out in HP Agile Manager. For full details, go to the Agile Manager Help Center.


Application access

  • Application data hiding is extended across all product, release and sprint areas
  • Select which of your applications you want to work on, and display only relevant backlog items
  • Note: Aggregated information in dashboards, release and sprint buckets, and ALI pages is presented for all applications defined in the project.

Email notifications

  • Project administrators can now configure which events users will receive mail notifications about
  • In Configuration, select Project > Project Settings

ALI: Builds summary

  • More build metrics are available on the builds timeline: Test Success, Open Defects, Code Coverage
  • Find correlations in builds between any pair of the new or existing metrics

Kanban dashboard

A new Kanban dashboard is added to the public favorites on the Home page. The dashboard includes a selection of the Kanban widgets.


Failed acceptance tests

An indication is added to user story cards that have failed acceptance tests. The indication is displayed on the Planning Board, Storyboard and Task Board. Hover over the cards to display the number of failed acceptance tests.


Export to file

The export file now includes the Description fields of the exported items


Import from file

  • When you import backlog items from an Excel or CSV file, they are now ranked in Agile Manager according to their order in the file. If backlog items are already defined in Agile Manager, the imported items are ranked below the existing ones.
  • You can now import multiple-selection custom fields: separate values using a semicolon.

Help Center

There are now two links to the Help Center – 

  • Help on This Page: opens context-sensitive help
  • Help Center: opens the Help Center portal page