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Viewing defects from ALM in AGM


Viewing defects from ALM in AGM

Hi AGM-gurus,


There are 10 ALM fields that are not in AGM. We are using 5 custom fields in AGM but that leaves out 5 ALM fields. Only 5 custom fields are permitted in AGM today. This discrepancy between fields causes synchronization issues between AGM and ALM. As a result, we are resorting to using ALM to manage CRs.


Anyone else run into this issue? Anyone have a workaround? Tips? Best practices?




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Re: Viewing defects from ALM in AGM

We have this same issue.  Not enough custom fields.  We thought long and hard about this.  First inclination was to enter our assets in ALM and collect this meta data and have the slimmed down version in AGM where it works through its lifecycle.  We then would do all our reporting using that meta data in ALM. 

What actually happened when we proposed this to the users was that they wanted to affect the least amount of users possible so they opted to enter these assets in AGM and let them sync to ALM where the product owner would fill in this meta data.  Does that make sense?  In both cases though ALM holds the important data and that is where we report.


-Chris Carpenter

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Re: Viewing defects from ALM in AGM

Hi Sunil and Chris,

As best practices, and to solve this issue i use a multiple value list both in ALM and AGM which stores all "my tagging" If the field is only a matter of tagging the defect, i think you can unite some fields to one

For example I use tags like "Release Criteria", "Usability Defect", "Enhancement Request", "Duplicate Defect", "Regression" or any other tag value, and i can unite them all to one multiple value list field, without the need to open a field for each "Concept".

See if it can fit to you fields as well.