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Latest Chrome update affects AgM

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Occasional Contributor

Latest Chrome update affects AgM

Hi guys,


Some of you who are using AgM over Chrome may have noticed some irregular behavior of animated parts of AgM, which manifests as an endless loop of animation. This behavior may cause:

  • Inability to use pop-up dialogs
  • Inability to switch tabs on the Entity Details page
  • Inablity to use Sprint Closure’s “Open Items” pane
  • Constant flickering of informative callouts


This behavior started last Thursday, January 10th, upon the release of Chrome 24.

Chrome 24 has introduced a change which broke the animation mechanism of GWT (which is the technology upon AgM is based).

We at the AgM development implemented the Google-recommended patch, and will push this fix as soon as technically possible.

Until that time, we recommend anyone who is hindered by this issue to use another browser, preferably the latest Mozilla FireFox version or Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.


We apologize for your inconvenience, and hope you continue to enjoy using AgM.


Sincerely, the AgM Development Team

Occasional Contributor

Re: Latest Chrome update affects AgM

I started seeing this issue today. Thanks for the update.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Latest Chrome update affects AgM

Hi everyone,


I'm happy to announce that today a patch was deployed and the issue was resolved successfully.


Sincerely, the AgM Development Team

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