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Customizations in AGM?

Andrew Nighting
Respected Contributor.

Customizations in AGM?

We are executing a POC with the Agile Manager (AGM) implemented with synchronization to ALM 11.5, and I am noticing that there seems to be almost no customization within the Agile Manager environment. For example, the severity values in AGM do not appear to be customizable, and also do not even match up with the default severity values included in a new ALM project. It seems that AGM is pretty much dictating that "vanilla" Agile be used, and is not affording users to adjust the process to suit particular needs of a customized SDLC. Will additional customizations be available to customers? If so, is there a public roadmap that could be shared?

Victoria Voinig
Respected Contributor.

Re: Customizations in AGM?

You are correct in your observation. Agile methodology changes, among other things, the way an organization deals with defects. In Agile, defects need to be addressed immediately as opposed to stored, sorted and organized for the long run. Example: defects found by executing the UATs against a user story need to be fixed before the end of the sprint so the story can be validated and marked as "Done".  As Ken Schwaber once put it," if we fixed defects as soon as we found them, we wouldn't need a defect tracking tool". The customization around defect severities and priorities in Agile Manager will continue to be somewhat limited. We have introduced though UDFs associated with defects that will allow for some needed customizations. Also, the "My Watched Defects" feature, and the defects buckets can help with further prioritizing and sorting defects.


You are also correct that most organizations do not implement "vanilla" Agile. There are defects found by executing regression suites, and which may not opened against a user story, but against the legacy code the new user story is built on top of. There are defects found by executing performance testing against a larger feature. For these categories, ALM offers good customization options.


Agile Manager is not meant to duplicate ALM, but to support Agile execution. Agile Manager used in conjunction with ALM/QC covers a wide range of testing scenarios and the defects found by them.


Having said that, we are happy to learn which types of customizations around defects you think would enhance the value of Agile Manager.