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Account is unavailable very easy

Occasional Advisor

Account is unavailable very easy



Why my account is very easy to be unavailable especially when I using Ali plugin connect to AgileManager?

But I have someone else in my project to help to take a look at my account, but the status is not "Blocked", but I just can't login AgileManger. I have to use "Forget Password" to change my password to a new one.






Occasional Contributor

Re: Account is unavailable very easy

Hi David,

  I;m sorry you have these troubles. We have identified this issue in ALI and it might happen when you change you password and forget to change it even in ALI DevBridge and ALI agents in your system. We have fixed this issue in DevBridge so this version should be available soon but in agents we are trying to do our best and change this approach but for now you have to be aware of it and change it as soon as you change your password in AGM.


Hope this helps.


Sorry for this inconvenience and thanks for understanding,


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event