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"My Tasks" - Widget in Homepage for developers

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"My Tasks" - Widget in Homepage for developers



We are ramping up a project in AGM, and received some excellent feedback so far.


One enhancement request we'd like implemented is a new Homepage widget:

    Developers would like to see a "My Tasks" widget in the Homepage.


Currently they can see their defects and User stories assigned to them.

It is not always a 1-1 mapping from US-> developer.


Could we get a Widget displaying the currently open tasks from the sprint assigned to the developer?




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Re: "My Tasks" - Widget in Homepage for developers

Thanks, Tamer for this feedback.

I will pass this request to the relevant people.

Could you elaborate more on what you would like to see?

  • Should there be some sort of filter or view all the open tasks (maybe current sprint)?
  • What should the ordering be?
  • where would you expect togo when clicking on a task?





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Re: "My Tasks" - Widget in Homepage for developers

Hi ido,


I think current sprint would be sufficient - it would be the Teams responsibilty to split any leftover User Stories tasks to the next sprint.

Therefore the associated Tasks would follow.

This would mean a developer should never have to be concenred with Tasks in any sprint which is not the current one.


Ordering is interesting, I would have tasks belonging to one User Story grouped together, and then maybe by order of User Story Priority.

Maybe some other users can comment on ordering of tasks too?


If I click on a Task, I would then expect to be in the Task Board view, with the correct Sprint, Sprint Team and Release all selected.

Additionally, since I clicked on a Task in a widget called "My Tasks", I would also assume that the "Assigned To" dropdown box would be already set to me.



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Re: "My Tasks" - Widget in Homepage for developers

Hi Tamer,


Can you please elaborate a bit on your expected flow, once you navigate from the Tasks widget into the Taskboard?

WHen you get to the filtered Taskboatd view, what would you do then?






Re: "My Tasks" - Widget in Homepage for developers

Hi Terry,


Working with Tamer... 

I do think having a filter on the Home Widget for Sprint would be benficial (this differs from Tamer's earlier reply).



The other idea could be to retrofit "My Stories" widget into to a "My Work", where it could show a consolidated view of Stories with nested Tasks or related Defects.


Seeing as you cannot comment on a Task and there is no Detailed View like there is for a Story, I don't think there is a reason to transition from Home (where I am viewing Widget) to Task Board.  As a Developer I would only update my remaining hours... or on the Widget line show the "More Options" drop-down like the Task Board shows.