Victoria Voinig
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Hello and welcome to the Agile Manager beta program!


My name is Victoria Voinigescu, and I am a Product Manager for Agile Manager. The R&D team has put a lot of creativity and enthusiasm in this product. They have been putting it through its paces by using it themselves to track their own Agile progress. Also, starting with the private beta program earlier this summer, there have been other teams in HP Software using it. Which is why the functionality you see implemented is what we ourselves, developers, QA engineers, product owners, like to use.  Yes, we are eating our own dog food, and drink our own Merlot to wash it down J 


But now it’s time to hear from you! We encourage you to share with us your own ideas and requirements – which we will add to our backlog, review and prioritize. Be open, be creative, share your ideas with others and us, and you will be rewarded! To find out more, check out the “Win with Agile Manager” posts.


Thank you, and looking forward to your feedback!