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Split Defects (just like split User Stories)

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Split Defects (just like split User Stories)

Requesting an enhancement to split defects just as we can user stories.  We understand that ideally all defects would be finished within a sprint.  However, our reality is that this doesn't’t happen all of the time.  If fact, there are times when we specifically just plan the triaging into a sprint.  Also, without spending this time triaging, it is very hard to predict how much effort/complexity will be in a defect.  The bottom line is that we do run into circumstance where we have to continue a defect into the subsequent sprint.


When this happens, we can't split the defect, so it just gets moved to the next sprint.  Tasks that have time invested will affect our sprint plan in that subsequent sprint.  Any invested hours will show up as used capacity even though it is was really done in the last sprint.  Therefore, we have to remove the task or any invested hours so that it shows up correctly.  Now we do have not record of the invested hours on that defect (fix) – It will end up looking like much less time was spend on it than was reality.


We continuously need to predict and plan appropriate time into our releases so that we can keep up with bug and, in fact, reduce our net open defects.  To do this, I need to be able to see what hours we invest, on average, for defects over some historical period.  With this time being messed up, I don’t have a good way of doing that.


If we have the Split defect functionality this would be much easier to handle.

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Re: Split Defects (just like split User Stories)

Thanks for your feedback. we will consider adding such or similar functionality to the future backlog of Agile Manager