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Reuse Team Definitions

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Reuse Team Definitions

Since one of the base ideas of agile is to have stable teams, I am missing the possibility to either

*) define Teams Project wide and assign them to Releases


*) copy a Team definition from one Release into another


Personally I would prefer the first way to do it because then it would be possible to automatically use the velocity data of the previous release when starting the next release.


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Re: Reuse Team Definitions

Thank you for your feedback, Stephan.

We are considering defining teams in the project level and not in the release level.


Currently, there is a way to import release information when creating a new release. Part of that information is the teams. Please see the following screenshot:


Re: Reuse Team Definitions

Totally agree with this request. The current approach of having teams defined within releases doesn't promote the concept of stable teams. In the larger enterprise accounts that I work this is a severly limiting issue and is casting doubts on the use of HP Agile Manager in more complex environments.


In my situation, the teams continue to exist across multiple releases, which should be a common pattern. These teams are pulling from a backlog that may have items from more than one release. The current implementation of HP Agile Manager makes it impossible for us to support this scenario. We need teams to be defined in a way that allow their backlog to pull from more than one release.


In my current situation the current release is in an integration phase where the delivery team supports those efforts but have also started working the backlog for items from the next release. This is a common pattern for the client that I am currently working with. Unfortunately, the only way to manage this is to create another team in the *next* release but it is the *same* team and now there is no consolidated team view that can be used to manage their sprints.



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Re: Reuse Team Definitions

Hello Rick,


Having a team outside of a release boundries is high on our backlog.

Hopefully, a solution will be provided in one of our next releases.