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New field in AGM for "Business Value' on Features

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New field in AGM for "Business Value' on Features

Currently we are implementing the usage of a "Business Value" on Features. Business Value for a Feature is relative to the Business Value of another Feature just like story points for a user story are relative to story points of another user story.  Our intent is to use the Finonacci scale for Business Value.  This field is to valued by the Product Owner


Business Value is talked about on the agile/scrum arena as a fairly standard way of helping prioritize backlogs via calculations. E.g..


We would like to request a new field for Business Value on Features.


Please advise.


Thanks, Deb


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Re: New field in AGM for "Business Value' on Features

Hi Deb,


Thanks for your feedback. We will take this into consideration, as part of Agile Manager's future backlog for "feature planning"