Announcing HP WebInspect Enterprise 10.0 and several others

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Announcing HP WebInspect Enterprise 10.0 and several others

HP Fortify Kicks off the Summer with Three New Releases






We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the following HP Fortify products across our entire software security portfolio. Each of these releases offers significant improvements in usability, performance, and quality while also serving to advance our market momentum. The following summarizes the highlights in each release. More in-depth information is also available in the  documentation referenced below.



HP Fortify Software Security Center 3.90

Includes the following performance and reliability improvements:


Results Processing—Results are now processed in a way that provides better information to the user. Now, new scan results are merged more quickly with past results so the progress of a particular application’s security posture over time can be tracked with improved efficiency.


Improved Performance for Simultaneous Users—Response times are now faster for multiple users working to triage security issues through both the web interface and IDE remediation plug-ins.



HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer 3.90

Now includes the following:


Xcode 4.6—Support for Xcode 4.6 and iOS 6.1 is now included.

Eclipse 4.2—Support for Eclipse 3.8 (Indigo) and 4.2 (Juno) for both auditing and scanning, and also as a remediation plug-in, is now included.

Support Diagnostic Tool—A new support diagnostic tool added to Audit Workbench provides platform and log information on support tickets. This tool is available at Help->Contact Support.



WebInspect 10.10

WebInspect 10.1 adds support importing functional test automation scripts from HP Unified Functional Test (UFT) to kickstart application security testing. It  also includes dramatically improved performance for both the Local File Inclusion (LFI) and Remote File Inclusion (RFI) analysis engines.



WebInspect Enterprise 10.0

WebInspect Enterprise 10.0 creates a more integrated user experience through much tighter integration with Software Security Center by providing support to create dynamic security tests directly from SSC. Other improvements include greatly enhanced usability by elimination of dual steps such as requiring both SSC and WI credentials for login, and implicit synchronization of project versions.



WebInspect Foreign Language 10.0

WebInspect Foreign Language 10.0 now includes support for Traditional Chinese.

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